The Padellers 4 Business

Discover the fastest growing sport in the Netherlands together with colleagues and work on your health in the meantime? Come paddle with colleagues at The Padellers!

Business opportunities:

All company outings can be combined with an enjoyable snack & drink!

What are the health benefits of padel?

Padel has several health benefits. Padel contributes to your overall fitness, so you will feel fitter. Want to lose some pounds? Padel is ideally suited for that as well. So you can burn over 500 calories per hour! Other benefits of this full-body workout include training your eye-hand coordination, working on your muscle building and your flexibility. The final benefit and perhaps the most important, the social aspect. Padel you play with four people, and the social interaction, in turn, contributes to your mental health.

Why padel with your company?

All the health benefits of padel as mentioned above ensure that an employee is more vital and energetic resulting in a more productive and satisfied employee. Employees will additionally experience less stress and be less likely to be overworked or suffer burnout. Besides the health aspects, padel contributes to a better atmosphere in the workplace and improves the organization’s image. This image, in turn, can be used to differentiate during a recruitment process.