The Padellers Veldhoven; with no less than 6 indoor courts the ultimate place to play a game of padel!

This location near Eindhoven is open 7 days a week from morning to night and also features a cozy bar and locker rooms with showers and lockers. There is plenty of free parking, for both bikes and cars.

Come enjoy playing, sign up to take classes or clinics, organize fun outings for work or personal, and enjoy a nice snack & drink afterwards!

The Padellers Trip Card

Are you a member of a tennis club in Veldhoven or surroundings without padel courts? Good news! At The Padellers, you can take advantage of a strip card. On location at The Padellers Veldhoven, you can purchase a strippenkaart for €150. In return, you can come and play Padel 10 times!

  • 6 indoor courts (outdoor courts available from Q3, 2022)
  • A cozy bar
  • Changing rooms with sanitary facilities & lockers
  • Racket rental and padel ball sales
  • Free parking
Opening hours
  • 7 days a week, Monday till Sunday from 08:00 -23:00
Off peak (08:00 - 16:00)
Indoor court
1 uur
€ 20,00
1,5 uur
€ 30,00
2 uur
€ 40,00
Peak hours (16:00 - 23:00 + weekend)
Indoor court
1 uur
€ 30,00
1,5 uur
€ 45,00
2 uur
€ 60,00

The Padellers Veldhoven
Heerseweg 49
5504 KP Veldhoven

Do you have questions?

Padel court rental Eindhoven

Are you looking for the ideal padel court near Eindhoven? Then you have come to the right place at The Padellers Veldhoven! Our location in Veldhoven is equipped with 6 indoor courts, and from Q3 in 2022 you can also play outdoor padel with us.

For a game of padel in Eindhoven, you can visit The Padellers Veldhoven 7 days a week, from early morning until late at night. Can’t get enough of the game? Then choose a contract job!

Renting a padel court near Eindhoven is easy at The Padellers via our website, or soon via the app. You can rent a padel court near Eindhoven from 20,- per hour, without the need for a membership.

Padel Eindhoven at The Padellers

A new concept born of the rising demand for this sport, The Padellers focuses on 3 aspects: meet, play, repeat.

Padel Eindhoven at The Padellers connects: at our location in Veldhoven you will always find other couples to play padel with and to have a drink with afterwards. Therefore, in addition to being the ideal sports venue, our padel courts are also a meeting place.

After your first introduction to padel, you are guaranteed to want more! Choose a contract job or take classes at The Padellers Academy, for example!

Have you knocked your friends off the course and are ready for a nice snack or drink? No problem! Our Veldhoven location is equipped with its own catering facility.

Taking padel lessons

Playing padel at The Padellers speaks for itself; the flashy rallies, spectacular points and smiling faces make for a unique sports experience on and off the court. Padel is for all levels and therefore very accessible to everyone!

Want to brush up on your skills, or take a trial lesson to get acquainted with the game? At our Padel Academy, we offer a wide range of lessons with certified teachers.

Padel is for young and old: even toddlers can take padel lessons at The Padellers. Check out our website for more info or contact us for a customized consultation!

Events and tournaments

Can’t get enough of the game? We provide multiple padel events, clinics and tournaments near Eindhoven. Are you looking for a customized event, such as organizing a tournament or renting multiple padel courts near Eindhoven for a large group of people? Contact us for options.

No racket?

No problem! At our padel court near Eindhoven, you can easily rent rackets and balls for a small fee.