Entrepreneur and social media icon Bas Smit is the face of The Padellers

The Padellers announced on June 10, 2021 that entrepreneur and social media icon Bas Smit is committing to this organization. Smit had been playing the sport for 15 years in Spain, as padel is the country’s most popular sport after soccer. Bas Smit explains why he understands that:

“For padel you don’t need years of training or a perfect backhand. Young and old, male or female; everyone enjoys padel. I like that. I wanted to do something with that.”

That’s why Smit is committed to sports. He does so in partnership with 4PM Sports.

Meanwhile, location after location is being opened. The counter currently stands at six, but quite a few more locations will follow, spread throughout the country. The plan behind that is to grow as fast as possible.

“We are currently hollering pretty hard. We are building new jobs and seeking collaborations with small associations that lack clout. At the same time, we are looking across the border, in Germany, for example. There, as here, padel is rising particularly fast. That presents great opportunities.”

Said Smit.