The best padel courts near me

Padel, one of the fastest-growing sports globally, has gained immense popularity in the Netherlands in recent years. You’ve probably noticed that many people in your circle have taken up padel, and the courts are consistently fully booked. As a result, there’s a high demand for padel locations in the Netherlands, and these locations are popping up all over the country.

Currently, The Padellers operates 13 padel locations across the Netherlands, providing a total of more than 68 padel courts, including both indoor and outdoor options. Come rain or shine, The Padellers offers ample opportunities to enjoy padel tennis. With ambitious plans to further promote the sport and expand in the future, The Padellers is actively working on growing the number of padel locations in the Netherlands. Exciting collaborations with international top clubs like Ajax are a testament to these ambitions. In this blog, we will highlight and describe the best padel locations in the Netherlands.

Padel in Noord-Holland

Finding a suitable padel location in Noord-Holland should be a breeze. Our capital city, Amsterdam, boasts numerous padel courts. The Padellers operates top-notch padel locations in Amsterdam.

Padel Amstelpark is the pioneer of The Padellers, where the padel journey began. This beautiful padel location in Amsterdam-Zuid offers 5 outdoor courts, along with essential facilities such as changing rooms and showers. If you don’t have padel equipment, don’t worry, as you can rent balls and padel rackets here, just like at every other Padellers location. Students can even enjoy free equipment rentals during off-peak hours upon presentation of their student ID. Additionally, this Amsterdam padel location features a cozy bar where you can grab a bite and a drink after your game. Another option in Amsterdam is padel Sloterdijk, offering 6 indoor courts, perfect for playing during the winter or bad weather, ensuring you won’t have to play padel in the rain.

If you’re in the Hoorn area, The Padellers also offers a great padel location. Padel Hoorn features 6 indoor courts with free parking. Just like other locations, it provides a cozy bar, changing rooms with lockers, and sanitary facilities. The newest padel location in Noord-Holland is Padel Uitgeest, with 6 indoor courts, including two padel single courts. These single courts are less common than doubles, allowing for one-on-one padel matches. As with other locations, you’ll find changing rooms with showers, lockers, and free parking.

Padel in Noord-Brabant

While The Padellers has its roots in Amsterdam, it is well-represented in the southern region of Noord-Brabant. The Padellers operates four top padel locations in Brabant.

Padel Rosmalen is an outdoor location with 6 courts, providing a delightful outdoor padel experience. This location also offers free parking, and the bar is an excellent place for a post-game meal and drinks. If you prefer playing indoors, choose Padel Veldhoven, featuring 6 indoor courts. Here, you’ll find free parking, changing rooms with showers, lockers, and a cozy bar.

Padel Breda, another excellent location, provides 5 outdoor courts, including a rare padel single court, allowing you to enjoy one-on-one matches. Playing on a single court costs almost half the price of a double court. It’s a wonderful place to savor padel in the great outdoors.

The last padel location in Brabant is padel Valkencourt Valkenswaard, featuring 5 indoor courts, one of which is a padel single court. This location offers all the necessary facilities, including a bar, changing rooms, free parking, and sanitary facilities. Additionally, there’s a padel shop where you can purchase various padel-related products, including rackets and clothing.

Padel in Limburg

In the southernmost province of the Netherlands, Limburg, you’ll also find opportunities to play padel at two Padellers locations.

Padel Geleen is a fantastic padel location with 6 indoor courts, including 5 double courts and 1 padel single court. It offers all the facilities you could wish for, including changing rooms with showers, allowing you to freshen up after a match. The cozy bar is a perfect place to enjoy a meal and drinks. There’s even a sauna for post-game relaxation and recovery. Free parking is available for those arriving by car.

Another option for padel in Limburg is Padel Roermond, with 7 indoor courts, including 5 double courts and 2 padel single courts. This location provides everything you need, from changing rooms with showers to lockers and a delightful bar for post-match refreshments. Free parking is also available. Additionally, there’s a padel shop where you can explore and purchase a variety of padel equipment and clothing. If you’re interested in testing a new padel racket, you can conveniently combine it with booking a court at this location.

Padel in Groningen

From the southernmost province, we now head to the northern province of Groningen. In Groningen, The Padellers operates Padel Groningen, a superb padel location at the Stadjershal, offering a total of 8 indoor courts. Among these, 6 are double courts for two-on-two games, while 2 are indoor courts for one-on-one matches. The facility provides all the amenities you would expect, including changing rooms with showers, lockers, and a welcoming bar with a kitchen for post-match dining. Furthermore, you can even enjoy a sauna for relaxation and recovery after your game. If you’re looking for a new padel racket or other equipment, be sure to explore the padel store located on-site.

Padel Lessons, Competitions, and Tournaments

Are you curious about these locations and what they have to offer? Check out the locations page to discover all the padel locations provided by The Padellers and learn about the facilities available. You can also explore the possibilities for padel lessons, padel tournaments, padel competitions, clinics, and organizing corporate outings at the different locations.