The Padellers is official partner of soccer club PSV

The Padellers is partnering with soccer club PSV. With the partnership, PSV and The Padellers aim to make the sport of padel accessible to an even larger audience. The Padellers and PSV have signed a cooperation agreement for 3 season(s).

The sport

Padel, a mix between tennis and squash, is one of the fastest growing sports in the Netherlands. Jobs are springing up like mushrooms and are booked up almost continuously. Entrepreneur Bas Smit and event agency 4PM Entertainment are jumping into the high demand for padel courts with their concept; The Padellers. Since its founding in 2020, The Padellers has opened 6 padel clubs and currently operates 17 courts in Brabant. Among others, you can play at The Padellers in Veldhoven, Valkenswaard and Rosmalen. The goal is to add about 30 more jobs in the region this year.

Perfect match

“The Padellers is growing rapidly and a partnership with a top club like PSV fits perfectly into the goal of making padel accessible to an even larger audience.”

says co-founder Smit.

“This sport is so great. I wish everyone to try it once, because I am sure you will become a fan of the game just like me. With this collaboration, we are trying to get even more people moving and excited about padel.”

Soccer x Padel

Commercial Director Frans Janssen believes PSV can support the growth of the sport.

“The Padellers want to make padel an even bigger sport and our platform is an ideal way to do that.”

he says.

“Football players and soccer fans are interested above average in playing padel. Through PSV, The Padellers can connect with them or spread their offerings.”

Try it yourself

Want to discover the sport? The Padellers’ courts can be reserved using the “Pay & Play” principle. You can also sign up for classes or competitions. Relations and Season Club Card holders will also soon benefit from a special discount offer at all of The Padellers’ clubs.