The Padellers has committed to AFC as a sponsor for three years

The Padellers has committed to AFC as a sponsor for three years. A logical collaboration given the common club love for AFC and the large network of both organizations.

The sport

Padel, a mix between tennis and squash, is one of the fastest growing sports in the Netherlands. Jobs are springing up like mushrooms and are booked up almost continuously. The Padellers respond to the high demand for padel courts. Since its inception in 2020, The Padellers 7 padel clubs open. In addition to its two current locations in Amsterdam, The Padellers aims to expand this to 25 locations in the coming year.

The Padellers x AFC

Co-founders of The Padellers and former AFC soccer players, Philippe Hes and Floris Dokkum foresee a nice collaboration between The Padellersthe padel sport and AFC. With this collaboration, we aim to get even more people moving and excited about padel. Thus, we invite all AFC members to come the first time at a discounted rate padel, we host the business club for a networking event and AFC’s first teams come to play a tournament. During the vacations, AFC’s youth come to learn about padel. Who knows, maybe that’s where the new Frenkie de Jong of the padel world in between!

President of commercial affairs of AFC, David Westerhof is in turn pleased with the multi-year sponsorship.

“We are delighted with the conclusion of a long-term agreement between The Padellers and AFC. AFC is very grateful to Philippe and Floris for that. “

Want to discover the sport?

The jobs of The Padellers can be booked through the ‘Pay ‘& Play’ – principle. Haven’t you ever padded? Then sign up for a get to know pnobility clinic through the website