The Padellers main sponsor youth of Hollandia

The Padellers heeft signed up for four years as a main sponsor to the youth of Hollandia. It is a beautiful combination between a ragingrapidly growing company and an ambitious soccer club.

Soccer players and soccer fans are above average in playing padel.Young, talented soccer players are also a great fit for a sport of the future: Padel, which is already growing tremendously in popularity today.

Hollandia sees youth training as the important foundation of the club. Young players from Hoorn and the entire region are trained by certified trainers for the amateur top or even professional soccer. To to be able to fund that is the board and sponsorship committee pleased with the sponsorship of The Padellers. At all youth teams of Hollandia over the next four years the name of The Padellers will appear on the shirts.

Padel is a cross between tennis and squash. The originated in Mexico and turns out now also booming in the Netherlands. The dynamic sport is very accessible because it requires less skill than tennis. The Padellers heyeft at May jl. at the Marowijne in Zwaag a branch opened with six indoor courts. There is also a catering facility for a cup of coffee or other beverage. Hhe company has also padel accommodations in Amsterdam (two), Rosmalen, Valkenswaard and Veldhoven. In the coming year, The Padellers continue to expand to 25 locations across the Netherlands.

Co-founder of The Padellers Floris Dokkum foresees a nice collaboration between his company The Padellers, the padelsport and Hollandia. ‘The Padellers is growing rapidly and a partnership with an ambitious club like Hollandia fits perfectly into the goal of padel make padel accessible to an even larger audience.’

Hollandia-chairman Gerard Hubers in turn is pleased with the multi-year sponsorship. ‘This young company combines well as a sponsor with our young players. We want to work with the youth department of Hollandia Act and perform as high as possible. Therefore, it is good that The Padellers support us financially. I foresee a great partnership in the years to come.


Want to discover the sport?


The Padellers’ courts can be reserved using the “Pay & Play” principle. You can also sign up for classes or competitions. Members & associates of Hollandia will also soon benefit from a special discount offer at The Padellers.