The Padellers opens two padel clubs in Limburg

‘The Padellers now open with thirteen new indoor courts in Roermond and Geleen’

Padel, a mix between tennis and squash, is one of the fastest growing sports in the Netherlands. Jobs are springing up like mushrooms and are booked up almost continuously. Entrepreneur Bas Smit and event agency 4PM Entertainment are jumping into the high demand for padel courts with their concept; The Padellers. There are 7 new padel courts at The Padellers in Roermond and 6 in Geleen.

Smit himself is tremendously pleased with the new padel courts in Limburg:

”The new padel clubs look great. We have transformed outdated tennis halls into beautiful padel clubs. It is ideal to play at both places and nice to see that we are growing so fast with The Padellers. This way we can introduce more and more people in the Netherlands to my favorite sport.”

The Padellers in Limburg

The new padel courts in Roermond are located in the Dennenmarken complex. From now on, people can go there for the 360 Health gym, sauna and now padel. In Geleen, the new padel courts are located at Vouershof, next to the existing gym and tennis club.

Your options at The Padellers include renting a padel court, taking lessons, playing competition and competing in tournaments. The venues also provide space to host corporate events.

Try it yourself

Want to discover the sport? The Padellers’ jobs are through the website to be reserved using the “Pay & Play” principle. You can also sign up for classes or competitions. This Friday, Nov. 4, both padel clubs will be officially opened with an evening of celebration. There will be an official opening moment with Bas Smit. Following that, a tournament will be organized for beginners and advanced players. A DJ will also be present. More information about the opening can be found through The Padellers website.


The Padellers Roermond
Elmpterweg 46
6042 KL, Roermond
+31 6 15387239

The Padellers Geleen
Vouershof 3
6161 DB, Geleen
+31 6 11981332